This Ice Cream Will Heal Your Heartbreak: How to Find Your Story’s ‘North Star’


“The way you do anything is the way you do everything,”


  • as a teenager, you are highly susceptible to peer pressure and want what you think you’re supposed to want
  • you grew up next door to the guy and watched him enter a social echelon that doesn’t include you and it really hurts
  • your dad wants to do business with his dad and is loving but too pushy for the wrong reasons
  • you’re a girl who is realizing that you’re attracted to girls and think that if you do the straightest thing ever people will stop whispering about you
  • you’re a boy who is gay, out and proud, and want the closeted quarterback to stop hiding your relationship
  • you have not yet learned that the high school prom is an initiation into the world of adult disappointment with inflated expectations
  • you’re in your 40s and really can’t get over high school and it’s kind of sad
Keep doing this until you either quit or go insane.



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